World Missions

There are many countries that have no local church to worship in. But more importantly, they have have no one there to tell them about a Savior who died for them. We believe that Christ commanded us to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

Here are the Missionaries we support and where they are serving the Lord.

 Tom Brewer – Brazil
 Russell Brinkley – Scotland
 Dave Cook – Canada
 Marty Arnold – Greenland
 Adam McGeorge – Nauru
 Matt Johnson – Mexico
 Rickey Freeman – Argentina
 Heartland Baptist Bible College
 Jeff Williams – Canada
 Andrew Long – India
 Joseph Grab – Military
 Hinkle Family – Nursing Homes
 Ross Ligon – Nigeria
 Bob Bowen – Thailand
 Kenneth Ellzey – Bolivia
 George McDowell – Handicapped
 Dr. Rene’ Freret – BEAMS
 Sammy Rogers – Brazil
 Charlie Rouch – Zambia
 Bob Johnston – Haiti
 Luke Shelby – Kenya
 CLA – Christian Law
 James Abbey – Church Planter
 Jeff Beck – Prison Ministry

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