Prayer Chain Ministry

We are all called to pray; it’s not a “gift” that only “some” believers possess. Prayer is a vital part of the church and crucial to our communion with our God.

To “intercede” means literally to “entreat in favor of another, especially in prayer or petition to God in behalf of another,” or to mediate.

As we each seek prayer for our own lives, we faithfully put on the armor of God with the shield of faith each day. But within this process, Ephesians 6:12-18 tells us to also make our supplication prayers for all saints, lifting up our brothers and sisters to the Lord.

Our intercessory prayer chain is a group of people who have been called to the ministry of praying for others on an ongoing basis. They have committed themselves to pray regularly, confidentially and individually for the people and concerns that are requested of them.

Prayer requests are received by email and from the church office.

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