Pastor’s Message

Dave Siefert, Pastor of Twin Cities Baptist TempleI am so glad you took the time to look at our website to see who we are. We are an Independent Baptist Church with…

  •   Fervent Bible Preaching
  •   Christ-Centered Music
  •   Exciting Children’s Ministry
  •   Traditional Family Values
  •   Active Youth Ministry
  •    Bible Study Class for all Ages
  •   A Friendly Atmosphere

In our fragmented culture, many sense the need for something more. So we add activities to our life, pursue hobbies, and go places  — and still there is a hunger that remains unsatisfied.

Perhaps there’s one thing you may have never considered that most people have given up on. It’s called Church, and despite what you may have heard or read, whether good or bad, the Church has the best change of making a lasting difference in your life.

Come visit us and see the difference.

Dave Seifert, Pastor


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